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Physical Weeding trading as Steam Weeding Ltd. is a company I jointly own with Dr Charles 'Merf' Merfield creating and selling specialist machinery for physical weed management including false seed bed tillers (cultivators) steam and flame weeders and the Four Wheel Hoe.

I also work for Agro-Ecological Investment Management Ltd. Agro-Ecological is a company that specialises in organic farmland asset management, providing a complete range of agricultural land management services.

New Opportunity for Canterbury Farmers. Two articles by Jocelyn McIlraith published in Canterbury Farming

Ballance Farm Environment Award 2004

Ballance Grow Award 2004

Gallagher Innovation Award 2004

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology Horticulture Industry Advisory Committee member

Lincoln Foundation - Rabobank Organic Farmer of the Year Award 2000

Rural News Article, January 2000, By Heather Chalmers

Leading lights in organics: The Press (Christchurch) Feature Article. 14 December 2000

F1 Beetroot seed crop

George in maturing beet crop

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