Harts Creek Farm

Harts Creek Farm is a leading organic farming business in New Zealand with key production focuses of vegetable seeds, fresh vegetables, specialist crops and sheep. Vegetable seed is grown on contract for local seed companies who supply the leading European seed houses. Crops grown include F1 carrots, F1 beetroot, radish and F1 spinach. Onions, carrots, peas and beans are the main fresh market crops, and are sold to wholesalers or for processing. Specialist crops include leaf crops for powders and juice, herbs for drying and dandelion for coffee substitute.

We have been farming organically since 1986 and now farm around 300 ha of organically certified irrigated land growing a range of crops and livestock on three farms in the Canterbury area and a 250 ha grazing property in Pigeon Bay on the Banks Peninsular leased from Alan and Celia Hay. This farm will continue to supply Lamb into the Hays award winning Restaurant and and breed livestock for the high-end UK supermarket Waitrose.

Tim and Rose

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